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Fitness Management Software

Fitness management software that gives you back the gift of time.
- Schedule your classes and sessions that your clients can then book
- Manage clients workouts
- Update client nutrition goals
-Handle Payments & Packages
- Chat in app with your client and much more!

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Finding a gym, fitness class or PT that meets your individual goals is hard, but now it doesn't have to be. Instantly search for your specific needs and start for fitness journey now!

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Signing up with NetworkFit has been a game changer for ICYCLE!

“Signing up with NetworkFit has been a game changer for iCYCLE, coming out of the whole Covid mess a lot of our regular customers had made new habits or just didn’t have the confidence to return to studio for their fitness fix. This left us with the challenge of finding new clientele, thanks to NetworkFit we were soon filling classes again and back on track with business. It’s been great to see new faces attending classes and even better to have that increase in revenue.”

Glen McCready

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Company news

Introduction to Health and Fitness
October 12, 2022

An introduction to Health and Fitness. Where to begin your journey, There are so many ways to describe wellness, it is the overarching umbrella that describes how we feel, how we live and exist. We see many personal trainers, exercise scientists and health teachers give different definitions of wellness. For this purpose, and to work with you on your journey, we will be gin with the 4 main components an individual needs to consider when beginning a lifestyle change.

Easy Fitness for everyone!
October 12, 2022

Fitness is for everyone and in this blog we cover the importance of cardiovascular training and how 30 minutes of exercise and be suited to everyone.

Introduction to Behavioural change
October 12, 2022

In this blog we discuss the topic of behaviour and what you do affects your attitude to health and fitness!

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