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Finding a Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach or a Fitness Class can be difficult, that's why we developed the NetworkFit Marketplace. Download the NetworkFit app, create a client account and connect with a Fitness coach or find a class that suits your goals and needs!
Find a Coach
Find a Personal Trainer or Fitness coach that meets your goals, see how many clients they are currently trusted by and then choose one of their packages and start your journey today!
Find a Class
Interested in trying out a new fitness class, Look no further than the NetworkFit Marketplace, If you know the type of class search for it using the dropdown or browse from a range of categories and choose something that meets your goals!
Track your progress
As a client once you have joined up with a coach, you can use the NetworkFit app to track all of your workouts, exercise history, PB's and so much more!
Personal Dashboard
Keep control of your journey with your own dashboard that lets you keep an eye on how your journey Is progressing with measurements, weight etc.
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